Intercom System

HZ Vision

Door Entry Telephony Intercom

  • Thin-Film-Transistor (TFT) LCD
  • Infrared Sensor Keypad
  • Line operate in 3G sim card or analog phone line
  • 1 analog phone line can link up to 3 telephony call panel and effectively detect the status of the phone line (line busy)
  • 260 units memory and each unit have 3 authorized phone numbers (units memory changeable)
  • Automatic transfer to next available phone number if the call is busy or unreachable
  • Visitors are able to manually transfer the call to the next available phone number, for instance the call panel unable to auto transfer the call due to call had transfer to voice mail
  • Automatic line cut off function when access is released or call ended
  • Remote or manually add and edit unit phone number
  • Supporting integrated lift and door access control system
  • Residents able to release the door and lift for their visitors by their pre-programmed phone number
  • Visitor photo will be taken when calling to the unit and residents able to view them with a password
  • With visitors call transaction
  • Guard calling with auto pick up function for 2 authorized guard phone number (apply to line operate in 3G sim card)
  • Built-in standalone door access control feature using RFID card or pin number to access
  • Prevent false/unauthorized door access and security breach

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